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Croatia – Beautiful & Unspoilt

Croatia – Beautiful and Unspoilt

After more than a decade of civil and ethnic unrest, Croatia is once again emerging as an attractive tourist destination. With its magnificent coastline, 1,185 islands, islets and reefs, Roman ruins and picturesque medieval villages, it is fast becoming a rival to the magical Greek islands – alluring for lovers of fun, sun, local colour, great food and a little history.
After centuries of fighting for independence, and being sliced and diced geographically to suit political and ethnic divisions, Croatia has ended up arc-shaped. Its long Adriatic coastline forms the western leg, tapering to the unique ancient seaport of Dubrovnik in the south, while the land between the rivers Drava and Sava form the northern section. The capital, Zagreb, sits in-between.
Whilst being a fantastic destination for a two week holiday, low cost flights from the UK make it possible to visit Dubrovnik for a short break. An UNESCO protected old city, it is staggeringly beautiful and a visit here is not to be missed. Spend a weekend rambling through the cobbled streets of the old town admiring ancient architecture or relax in the sun soaked cafes along the beautiful coastline sampling delicious fresh seafood accompanied by locally produced beer and wines.
The most prominent feature of Croatia’s tourist industry is its Dalmatian coastline, which is indented with rocky cliffs, peninsulas and small inlets. Numerous good quality hotels and marinas have been resurrected or constructed in the past few years, and the Croatian province is once again beginning to enjoy a tourist boom reminiscent of its heyday in the 1930s. There is a special atmosphere to Croatian towns and villages, many of which are built on the sites of ancient Greek settlements dating from the 4th century BC. This, coupled with a welcoming and determined population, Mediterranean climate, scenic beauty and lush vegetation, is aiding Croatia’s rise from the ashes of war into one of the world’s tourist hotspots.
Croatia has beaches backed by pine forests with crystal clear waters to swim in, charming Mediterranean towns to suit all tastes and spectacular scenery. Once visited Croatia will be on your list of ‘must go again’ destinations. Once visited – never forgotten.



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